I Want a Personal Trainer

I Want a Personal Trainer are a personal training company that specialise in 1-1 home based personal training programmes. The main personal trainer at I Want a Personal Trainer is Rob Whalley and his key areas of personal training expertise lie in weight loss programmes and getting clients ready for events, fun runs, marathons etc. I Want a Personal Trainer is all about helping people achieve something they haven’t done before of setting a personal best.

I Want a Personal Trainer's motivational style

I Want a Personal Trainer get results and do so in a relaxed style. I Want a Personal Trainer believe in encouraging clients to push themselves that bit harder than they would on their own or even realise they are capable of. Personal training sessions are challenging, but fun, meaning people achieve more when they are enjoying themselves.

I Want a Personal Trainer locations

I Want a Personal Trainer is based in Sutton Coldfield and also covers Birmingham, Walsall, Solihull, Tamworth & Lichfield. Essentially this works out as all B & WS postcodes. Most of I Want a Personal Trainer personal training sessions are in Sutton Coldfield which are postcodes B72, B73, B74, B75 & B76.

I Want a Personal Trainer client testimonials

We enlisted the help of Rob at I Want a Personal Trainer some three years ago now and we have tried to meet with him three times per week subsequently. We cannot speak too highly of Rob, who as a professional young man:

  •  Has a thorough understanding of personal fitness regimes
  • Understands the workings of the human body in conjunction with his job
  • Has stretched us to the limit but not so as to feel uncomfortable
  • Has a subtle and friendly attitude that has enabled us to continually improve our fitness performance as time elapses

On a general basis, the following points have also proven to be important to us:

  •  Rob has always been flexible as to the time when he can see us
  • Never on one single occasion has he been late for an appointment
  • Never on one single occasion has he had to cancel an appointment
  • He has been most understanding when the reverse has applied due to unforeseen business commitments at very short notice

Rob would come with a strong recommendation in every respect on both a professional and personal basis. We are sure that any client will enjoy their sessions with him and feel much better for them.

 A.G. Baker and Fiona G. McCaig

Couldn't run 100yds but with Rob's patience, persistence and encouragement I ran a half-marathon the day before my 40th birthday!! Have done another couple since too!! And I never believed I would ever achieve anything like that!

 He listens to me whinge, complain and rant about a hill (a slope!), a twinge, my breathing and he always positively works through it and soon enough you're up the hill, the pain has gone and your lungs are still working!!

 I asked for Rob's help after my child started school because I wanted to become fit and I still go running with him every week after 5 years!! Even now he still pushes me to the edge of my comfort zone in order for me to achieve my goals. Let Rob be your trainer! He's the best! You'll be amazed how much you will achieve without even realising it!!.

Sarah Smith

I trained twice a week with Rob in our local park and we focused on strengthening the muscles around my knee and generally building up my fitness. In June 2012 I competed injury free in the Great Midlands fun run and ran 8.5 miles in 64 minutes which is further and significantly faster than I have ever run before. I am very proud of this achievement. There were setbacks along the way and days and weeks where I couldn't do much running from the knee pain. Rob adapted as required and we did something else or turned back if the knee started playing up on a run. 

One of the key things I learned training with Rob is work around the injuries that you have. Rather than stop training train differently. Rob is very friendly, his coaching style is amiable and not pushy. He makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. Rob has a lot of experience which he modestly puts to good use for his clients. I would thoroughly recommend him.

Marc Fennell

When I first contacted Rob I was struggling with being overweight and sluggish after a long period of stressful study and setting up in my own business. I was frustrated that I was not fit and had been considering learning to run aged 47! I remember thinking that there was no way that I was ever going to be able to run a mile, yet within 4 weeks thanks to Rob’s guidance and encouragement, I was. Rob is an excellent coach, he is motivational, evidence based and oozes experience. I have now been running for just over 3 years and have completed several 5k and 10k runs and I have run in the Cardiff 5 mile. Rob has always understood my needs and is very person centred in his approach. I feel confident knowing Rob is there. We have run in the spring in the rain, in the summer sun, in the autumn and in the winter in sometimes deep snow which has taught me that it is possible to enjoy running in any season.

Recently after a period of illness and putting weight back on, Rob helped me regain focus and find my mojo again. He has helped me through physical challenges and injuries. Rob has been and continues to be flexible with meeting me both early morning and later in the evening, he is also very accommodating when my work takes me away at short notice. 

Always on time, totally reliant and has a smile for you .

I have no hesitation in recommending Rob and providing a testimonial so as to share what an absolutely great personal trainer Rob is.

Many thanks to you for being there.

Lyn Williams