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Weight Loss Resources highlights the best weight loss and diet planners available on and off line. Total Trainer reviews some of the traditional leading lights in weight loss and dieting, including Weight Watchers and Slim Fast as well as new kids on the block including Boossh, Saint & Slimmers and more.

Boossh Quick Weight Loss
by Total Trainer Team
Boossh is the new exciting weight loss brand that allows dieters to lose weight quickly. Set to be the fastest growing weight loss consumer brand in the UK, Boossh products combined with healthy meal... Read More
Exante Diet logo
by Total Trainer Team
Exante Diet is a very low calorie meal replacement weight loss diet that is simple to follow and is safe and effective. Rather than consuming calories from food or following a diet that seems too... Read More
Nutracheck logo
by Total Trainer Team
The Nutracheck online food diary and weight loss system is a proven weight loss approach based on simple calorie counting. Expect to see fast weight loss results – you'll be given your goal date.... Read More
Saints & Slimmers logo
by Total Trainer Team
Saints & Slimmers offer weight loss and diet ideas and an easy way of losing weight by delivering appetising diet food directly to slimmers. The Saints & Slimmers aim is to give slimmers a... Read More
Weight to Go logo
by Total Trainer Team
Weight to Go is a weight loss and diet plan that incorporates low calorie meal replacements and online members support to allow people looking for weight loss to achieve their weight loss goal. By... Read More
Weight Watchers logo
by Total Trainer Team
Weight Watchers is the world famous weight loss and diet planner that has helped millions of people each year to lose weight and feel better about the way they look. The Weight Watchers weight loss... Read More
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