Weight to Go Weight Loss & Diet Plan

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Weight to Go is a weight loss and diet plan that incorporates low calorie meal replacements and online members support to allow people looking for weight loss to achieve their weight loss goal. By removing food from the weight loss equation and replacing it with low calorie meals, including shakes and soups, Weight to Go is a great way to reach your target weight quickly, safely and effectively.

Created by Dr David Ashton MD, one of the UK’s leading weight loss experts, the Weight to Go diet plan is clinically proven to deliver fast, safe and sustainable weight loss. Over the last 10 years, the Weight To Go diet plan has helped thousands of customers achieve and importantly, maintain their weight loss goals.

How does the Weight to Go weight loss and deit plan work?

The Weight to Go weight loss and diet plan consists of meal replacements consumed throughout the day. With a number of tasty ready meals including tomato and basil pasta, meatballs, chicken curry, chilli corn carne and all day breakfast, to name but a few, as well as nutritious soups and shakes, Weight to Go offers a weekly and monthly weight loss and diet plan that is both rich in choice as well as taste, whilst being low in calories ... each day equals only 850 calories.

Not only that but the Weight to Go  weight loss programme offers:

  • No need for calorie counting - The Weight to Go weight loss diet plan adds up to around 850 calories a day
  • All meals offer portion control - just what your body needs. A great way to learn about healthy portion sizes

Also, each meal is high in protein, keeping you feeling full for longer, and all meals are quick and simple to prepare. Simply put then in the microwave and they're ready in a few minutes - ideal for busy people on the go.

How does the Weight to Go meal replacement delivery service work?

And the best bit about Weight to Go? Everything you need is delivered to your front door in four simple steps.


What does Weight to Go offer people looking to lose weight?

Aside from tasty, nutritious, low calorie meal replacements Weight to Go supports dieters by offering online support in the shape of a chat forum, how to videos, weight loss tools and more.

Does the Weight to Go weight loss and diet plan work?

For those people who find having food in the fridge a temptation too far, Weight to Go is ideal because it plans your food consumption around specific meals at specific times. Weight to Go is also low in daily calories, allowing people looking for rapid weight loss to reach their target quickly, safely and effectively. Weight to Go meals are easy to prepare so that busy people will be able to eat without wasting too much time on meal times.

So, if you feel Weight to Go is the ideal weight loss programme for you try it out today.