How it Works

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Add your company details   Receive leads by email and text   Track leads via a PC, tablet or smartphone   Contact leads & win new clients

Total Trainer is a service that allows personal trainers and exercise professionals to generate new business and gain more clients.

Types of Lead

Total Trainer offers two types of leads - Full Leads and Preview Leads.

Full Leads

A Full Lead is sent via email* and includes:

 Type of personal training
 Customer's full name
 Full postcode
 Telephone number
 Email address
 Free SMS alerts
 A brochure or leaflet is sent to leads via email by way of an introdcution

* A lead is also added to the provider's lead manager control panel.

Preview Leads **

A Preview Lead offers a 'try before you buy' sneeky peek at leads being generated. The details include:

 Type of personal training
 Customer's full name
 Partial postcode (e.g. GU28 ..., BR1 ... etc.)

** In order to collect the full details needed to contact a customer, a Preview Lead must be purchased.

How good are the leads?

As good as we can make them. Leads are always checked for any errors. If any are detected we delete it.

Contacting customers

We suggest training providers place a call to their new prospective customer ASAP. This will allow the customer to feel valued and allow them to learn more about the courses offered and the costs involved.

These tactics have also shown to provide the best possible results in turning a prospective customer into a paying customer.

What if a lead doesn't convert into new business?

Please treat our leads like any other prospective customer enquires. Remember, some initial enquires turn into new business straight away, some later on down the line and some don't convert. If you treat our leads with care and contact people quickly, giving them all the information they require, chances are if you don't win their business today, you will tomorrow.