Pricing & Membership

With Total Trainer there are:

  No sign up fees
  No membership fees
  No contract
  No leads, no fees

Buying a lead

Total Trainer have developed a system which allows personal trainers to buy leads in a number of different ways, including:

  • Full Leads - Priority leads with full customer contact details
  • Preview leads - preview a lead and purchase only the leads you want*

* You will need to purchase before we show you their contact details.

How much do leads cost?

The cost per lead is a flat rate £3. This keeps your costs low when trying to attract new clients.

What if a lead doesn't convert into new business?

We work hard to make sure leads are the best they can be. Each lead will contain all the information you need to contact a prospective client. This is the service we provide. Converting a prospect into a paying client is down to you.