Nutracheck Food Diary & Weight Loss System

The Nutracheck online food diary and weight loss system is a proven weight loss approach based on simple calorie counting. Expect to see fast weight loss results – you'll be given your goal date. Thousands of people like you have lost weight using this award winning service. In fact Nutracheck members say it doesn’t feel like a diet!

If you've never considered online dieting before, you find invaluable daily support from the friendly slimming community that beats a weekly club. Plus private weigh-ins mean no embarrassment, and Nutracheck's experts are on hand if needed.

How does the Nutracheck food diary and weight loss system work?

Nutracheck uses the Food Diary and weight loss system, a tried and tested approach used by many doctors and dietitians to help people lose weight. It has the backing of leading UK weight management expert Dr Ian Campbell, founder of the National Obesity Forum, and it is also used by the NHS.

Nutracheck is not a weight loss and diet planning service which tell you what to eat for each meal. This is because food diaries are more effective at encouraging behavioural change - which produces sustainable weight loss rather than yo-yo dieting. A weight loss and diet plan might help you get started, but the challenge is what happens at the end of it. Most people lapse back into eating the way they did before, regaining any weight lost. The Nutracheck Food Diary system will re-educate your eating habits and help you make a lifestyle change.

What does Nutracheck offer people looking to lose weight?

The Nutracheck weight loss and diet planner asks you to enter your current weight and your target weight. The programme then occurs advice on how many calories you can eat each day, the number of grams of protein, carbs and fats that should be eaten and ways in which to increase your daily calorie expenditure to increase the rate of weight loss.

Nutracheck then offers dieting support and weight loss guidance by offering its members a wide range of tools, including:

  • Online interactive food diary with over 100,000 listed*
  • Mobile app that includes barcode scanning of foods and calories calculator
  • Online support forum where you can chat to other Nutracheck members
  • Diet and health articles
  • LIve club weigh-ins with other members

* This includes foods found in popular supermarkets including Tesco, Sainsbury's, Morrison's, Waitrose, Asda and more.

The Nutracheck food diary and weight loss system mobile app

The Nutracheck complementary food diary and weight loss system mobile app is a great tool for anyone wishing to lose weight. The simple to use app allows users to scan in the barcode of food from any major supermarket, tap the serving size and display the calories included. Not only that, but the app will also update your online food diary, keeping you on track to reach your target weight. The app also includes a meal and recipe calorie calculator and access to the Nutracheck forum ... just in case you need that little bit of support when shopping, eating out or on the move.

Does the Nutracheck food diary and weight loss system work?

Nutracheck isn't a diet but a weight loss tool and resource, allowing users to calculate what foods they should cut down on in order to lose weight. As long as the user is committed to entering their food intake each day Nutracheck is able to offer great advice and assistance in allowing weight loss to occur quickly and safely.