Optimum Performance Wellbeing Personal Training

Optimum Performance Wellbeing Personal Training

Based in South Wales, Optimum Performance Personal Training have some of the best personal trainers and other health professionals to help get our clients to their need's and goals.

Personal Training with Optimum Performance personal trainers

Personal Training with Optimum Performance personal trainers will get you to your goals far quicker. They will take you on a journey that you will not regret, will take into account your need's and goals, this then helps him to get the right programme for you.

Statistics state that only 25 % of individuals who seek to reach a health and fitness goals are likely to suceed. However you are 90% more likely to reach your goals with a personal trainer.

Optimum Performance personal training specialisms

Optimum Performance is not just one personal trainer offering their personal training services. Optimum Performance have a band of personal trainers, all with their own areas of expertise and specialisms, including:

  • Weight loss
  • Nutrition
  • One-to-One personal training
  • Home-based personal training
  • Private-gym personal training
  • Strength training
  • Kettlebell training
  • Muscle toning
  • Bootcamp training
  • Group exercise

These are just a handful of the training and advice Optimum Performance personal trainers can offer their clients.

Optimum Performance personal training locations

The Optimum Performance personal training team are based in Cardiff, Newport, Bridgend, Caerphilly and other surrounding area's. As well as qualified personal trainers we have a team of therapists who are able to help.