Gym Free Personal Trainers

Gym Free Personal Trainers

Gym Free Trainers is the UK's leading home personal training company. Everyday Our male and female personal trainers help 100's of people look and feel better and fitter via energising and fun personal training sessions. With personal training locations in Liverpool, Cheshire, Sale and beyond, Gym Free Trainers is a personal training company that offers a wide variety of personal fitness training techiniques to get the very best from their personal training clients.

Gym Free Personal Trainers areas of expertise

Some of the current specialist areas our trainers cover include:

  • Weight management
  • Toning
  • Older adult fitness
  • Nutritional advice
  • Core training and more

Gym Free Personal Trainers qualifications

All of our personal trainers are experienced and hold the relevant REPs qualification, which means that every Gym Free Personal Trainers trainer holds a personal training fitness qualification and public liability insurance.

Gym Free Personal Trainers client testimonials

Gym Free Personal Trainers have a large number of satisfied personal training clients. Here are just two testimonials from very happy clients.

"I knew I didn't have the motivation to lose weight by myself and with having problems with my Knees I wanted to go to someone who would tailor the training around me. One of the reasons why I wanted to train with a gym free trainer was that I didn't think I would of felt comfortable training in public and I have had gym memberships in the past and never used them"

Danielle lost 44lbs

"I've lost nearly 70lbs but I'm more impressed with how fit I feel! I've lost weight in the past but always struggled with physical tasks but now my body actually wants to move and be active! Confronted with a lift or set of stairs I choose to bound up the stairs every time and enjoy it!"

Terry lost 69lbs