Your London Personal Trainer

Your London Personal Trainer

Robert Dyer (aka Your London Personal Trainer) has been a qualified personal trainer for over sixteen years and has a background based in boxing and martial arts. He is a personal trainer who not only tells you how to get fit, but actually gets down and works with you. A brief look at his training videos will demonstrate that this is no ordinary personal trainer.  His methods are fresh, sometimes unorthodox, but extremely effective. This enables him to offer clients a full 100% guarantee that they will get results or pay nothing.

Your London Personal Trainer personal training clients

Robert currently works with a wide range of clients from teenagers to marathon runners, from post-natal clients through to those in there seventies. And not forgetting his signature ‘Warrior Training Program’ which is guaranteed to get you that gladiator type body. He has appeared on national TV and received London wide awards for his creative approach to health and fitness, as well has being featured in numerous health and fitness magazines.

A level 3 personal trainer, with a list of qualifications and training programmes that have been gained through many years of study and dedication. Robert is fully insured and able to take your training to another level.

Your London Personal Trainer client testimonials

I have been training with Robert - Your London Personal Trainer - for over 2 years. Training is never boring with Rob, he makes every session fun and no 2 sessions are the same. He pushes me to my limits and beyond but there is always something to look forward to at the end of each session as he stretches me!

My attitude to training has changed and I am now fitter and healthier than I have ever been. I have now run 2 London marathons and many half marathons. After running the marathons, I had a massage and stretching session with Rob that really helped me to recover very quickly.

Catherine, Blackheath

I compete in mixed martial arts, but find my weekly fitness workouts with Rob a challenging alternative to my usual training routine.

I like being pushed to the limit and the training drills that I go through with Rob are out of this world. He takes me to a stage where I think I’ve got nothing more to give, and then somehow manages to get that extra bit out of the tank.

When you see his own level of personal fitness, it motivates you to try and reach that goal

Lewis, Deptford