Mark Personal Training

Mark Personal Training

Mark Personal Training provides the best value personal training throughout Sussex at home, outside and in the gym. Mark de Arriba-Smith, set up Mark Personal Training in June 2012, having recently returned home from his latest venture training guests at a World Top 100 Hotel  (Gran Melia: Palacio de Isora, Tenerife).

Mark Personal Training specialisms

Mark Personal Training specialises in Sports Conditioning helping amateur athletes improve their fitness for their particular sport/event, however his experience and knowledge within the health, fitness and wellbeing industry means he can successfully help individuals achieve other common fitness goals such as weight loss, toning & cardiovascular fitness.

Operating for a private beach-side training facility in Lancing, which utilises indoor gym,  outdoor decking and beachfront space, Mark Personal Training offers a unique and private training experience for clients.

Mark Personal Training free consultation

Mark Personal Training offers a free consultation with health & wellbeing assessment to give potential clients a chance to meet Mark in person, discuss their health & fitness goals, and ultimately decide if they would like to work with him.

Mark Personal Training client testimonial

"With a body weight of 85 kilos and a size of 5'10 (177 cm) I had a BMI of 27.1 which is considered as overweight. And that's exactly how I felt. Being 21, I didn't want to be out of breath after walking a few steps or riding my bike to Uni. I used to be pretty fit and seeing me losing control over my body didn't feel good. My tummy was flabby, my face looked more and more like a full moon and my bum hardly fitted my jeans anymore. It felt like whatever I did to lose weight, it didn't work. I even had plans from personal trainers which I followed for ages. No results though. Moving from one place to another in the world every other month didn't exactly help to get my head around my personal well-being since I had other things to worry about in the first place.

I finally settled for one place in the world a few months ago and started playing Volleyball straight away. The first training session was a disaster for me because I wasn't even able to follow the warm up without being out of breath. It made me realise I really had to do something about my weight.

Since I had no idea how to train effectively and achieve my goals I asked Mark for help. And I got it. Mark explained to me in great detail what I was doing wrong so far, why I had the feeling I wasn't able to lose weight and most importantly why all the other exercise plans I had didn't do anything but give me square shoulders. He understood what I wanted to achieve in the next months and put together a plan on what to do and how to do it. The great thing was he didn't only give me the plan but he explained to me why I should do it this way and not any other way. It all made sense to me now and wasn't just a stupid routine I was following. But not only was the exercise plan important, he also made me reconsider my whole diet. I'm usually not a big fan of diet changes but Mark told me to give it a try. Mark was quite confident in what he was doing and convinced me of his knowledge afresh every day.

The plan I got was quite easy to follow and I never had the feeling of being under or over trained. I guess that was because it was individually made to measure me and to give me the right amount of exercise based on my fitness level.

I'm not saying he made the plan too easy for me. I had to push myself almost every time to pull through with the plan and not give up half way through. But it was worth it. I lost 10.4 kg in 6 weeks and it's still going down. The BMI is down to 23.9 which is considered as normal weight. My tummy is getting less and less flabby, the full moon face is a decreasing moon face and I even had to get jeans in smaller sizes.

Since I started working out my life changed completely. I have much more energy and feel better about myself. Once I got the gym into my (almost) daily routine I actually started missing it when it was closed. My diet change had a great impact on how much weight I lost and I'm glad Mark was always there to take the blame when I told him I wanted to have chocolate and couldn't because he told me not to. I eventually realized it wasn't Mark who stopped me from eating chocolate but I stopped myself because it worked and I felt great about it. The “new” body gave me quite an ego boost and I'm not feeling bad anymore if I look into a mirror. I'm going to keep losing a few more kilos and will then definitely ask Mark for another plan to tone up my body. And I'm sure it's going to work out just like the other plan did."