Boot Camps & Bootcamp Training

Boot Camp Training

Many personal trainers offer outdoor bootcamp training as a complement to their normal one-to-one personal training sessions. Boot camp training offers them the chance to train a large number of people at any one time in a local park or playing field. The idea of bootcamp 'personal' training is that the exercise is back to basics, with the vast majority of exercises focusing on bodyweight moves, sprints, lunges, jumps, squats, press ups, dips and push ups.

By using a few simple pieces of easily to assemble and mobile pieces of fitness equipment, like the TRX system, boxes, steps, resistance bands, medicine balls and heavy bags, a personal trainer can set up exercise stations for clients to train hard, fast and effectively to encourage the development of lean muscle tissue, body fat loss and huge improvements in cardiovascular fitness.

A typical bootcamp training session

There really isn't a typical boot camp training session as pertsonal trainers will mix up exercises different for each session. Also, depending on the local area, a personal trainer running an outdoor bootcamp tarining session may utilise hills, slopes, park benches and local park equipment within any given session.

So, in any given week a bootcamp session may consist of 10 x 400m sprints or plymometric jumps, bounding, press ups, lunges and squats or short shuttle sprints hills, creating a 'mix bag' training programme that will constantly challenge members of the group.

Who are boot camps aimed at?

Bootcamp training is open to all; young, old, the fit, not so fit, athletes, business men, housewives and in some cases children. Bootcamps really come into their own based on the make up of the group. Boot camps are an ideal way to exercise alongside friends or a great way to make new friends with like minded goals.

Boot camps, no matter what the style, is a social experience with members able to encouarge and support each other when the going gets tough. This makes bootcamp training the ideal place for people who enjoying meeting new people and for those looking for a hard alternative to the typical indoor health club exercise experience.