Total Endurance Personal Training

Total Endurance Personal Training

Brian P. White is a highly qualified personal trainer and biomechanics coach working in the Stevenage and Herfordshire area, Brian's company Total Endurance offers personal training packages including tailor-made personal training training sessions for all clients. Total Endurance personal training can create the perfect fitness programme that will include nutritional and dietary advice, cardiovascular (CV) training, and appropriate resistance, strength and weight training techniques. Combine this programme with one-on-one personal training and support and you have the perfect recipe for successful health, fitness or weight loss goal achievement.

Total Endurance personal training qualifications

Brian is a highly qualified personal trainer and coach. His personal training and fitness qualifications include:

  • Advanced Personal Trainer (REPs Level 3)
  • Biomechanical Coach (REPs Level4)
  • England Athletics Endurance Coach (REPs Level 3)

Total Endurance personal training specialist areas

Total Endurance personal training offer a wide range of personal training services, including:

  • Cardiovascular Fitness and Endurance
  • Body Shape Change and CORE Fitness
  • Structured Run training and Technique Analysis
  • Running Technique Instruction
  • Biomechanical Screening and Rehabilitation

Total Endurance personal training locations

Total Endurance is based in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. Areas covered include all those within a 20min drive time. This includes Hitchin, Letchworth, Baldock, Biggleswade, Royston, Welwyn, Knebworth and all surrounding villages.

Total Endurance personal training philosophy

Personal Training is all about the individual. Once your specific needs and abilities are identified I will construct an effective exercise programme. I want to improve my client's lifestyle from a fitness perspective, and I have the experience to work with all levels from new starts to experienced athletes.

Biomechanical screening is a new approach to injury prevention and conditioning. Simply, I can make you move more freely thus enhancing training.

As an England Athletics Endurance Coach I can provide structured run training and technique analysis. You will achieve a more efficient running technique, improved performance and reduced injury concerns.

Total Endurance personal training client testimonials

General Fitness: I was required to pass a demanding fitness test for work and Brian quickly raised my fitness to a level that exceeded the test. I continue working with Brian and enjoy the variety of CV and resistance training. His expert guidance has favourably changed my body shape.

Sian (2009-present)

Running: Effective marathon training was hampered by leg muscle injuries. Brian introduced some minor technique corrections, enhanced my training schedule and introduced CORE/strength training. The result is a more efficient running style and a marked reduction with injuries.


Biomechanical: The patient had bilateral low back pain, chronic irritation in lumbar spine and postural spasm of gluteus muscles. She started an anti-spasm regime with Brian and her glute's and illiotibial band had relaxed significantly within a week. These results are among the best I have seen for release of chronic muscle shortening.

Rob (Osteopath)