MyFitClub Personal Training Studio

MyFitClub Personal Training Studio

MyFitClub is the top Personal Training Studio in North London. You'll get tailor-made one-on-one personal training from MyFitClub experienced personal trainers in the comfort of a private club. MyFitClub do not offer gym memberships, so you won't be training with a ton of other people you don't know, our gym is exclusivley for private one-on-one personal training.

MyFitClub Personal Training specialisms

Whatever your requirement is for fitness, MyFitClub Personal Training have the the experience and knowledge to get you to your goal:

  • Weight Loss
  • Muscle Gain
  • Boxing Training
  • Helath Improvement
  • Training for an Event / Photoshoot
  • Celebrity Training
  • Althlete Training

You will never receive a "generic" exercise programme from MyFitClub personal trainers. MyFitClub personal trainers will sit down with you to discuss your desired goals and formulate a tailored fitness plan that will enable you to acheive them. Not many people know this but if you train at the gym with the same exercises every single time, your body actually gets used to those exercises and your rate of progress declines rapidly. It's actually much more effective to shock your body by varying your work out plan every session, which is exactly what the personal trainers at MyFitClub will do for you, meaning you will get the results you want, and much quicker.

What is the best thing about MyFitClub Personal Training?

What's so great about Personal Training at MyFitClub? The best thing about it is the privacy. Have you ever been at the gym and been totally intimidated by the more "experienced" exercisers? Well you won't get that at MyFitClub, because our private club is for personal training only and you'll work closely with your personal trainer one-on-one and not feel intimidation one bit. There's only ever a few other clients in the club at one time and they'll be working closely with their personal trainer too, so you'll never feel out of place again.

WIll I need to train with MyFitClub personal trainers forever to stay fit?

MyFitClub Personal Training don't trap you in so you keep paying them for the rest of your life. MyFitClub believe the best personal trainers serve clients by helping them become independent exercisers. MyFitClub personal trainers will do this by providing you with the support and knowledge to train in-between sessions, and the confidence to continue training alone when you feel you have reached your personal goal.

MyFitClub Personal Training value all their clients so we want the best for you. MyFitClub don't want you to become dependent on personal training your whole life, instead they teach you the skills, discipline, exercises and techniques needed for you to maintain your ideal body on your own after your reach your goals with us.

MyFitClub Boxing Training

Train for fun, or to fight, you can do either by training with an amateur boxer at MyFitClub with 5 fights unbeaten. Develop your endurance, speed, agility, flexibility and self defence - all while wearing boxing gloves. Whatever your age or fitness level, working with your own certified boxing personal trainer will get you looking and feeling great in no time.

MyFitClub Personal Training client testimonials

Louis challenges me in every session. He pushes me beyond where I can ever go on a solitary session and I do have the ability to push myself hard. He understands an individual's needs and will work closely to help achieve those goals whatever they are. But most of all, sessions are always fun, diverse and I always come away satisfied. I cannot recommend him high enough for any level from complete beginner to athlete!

Olga, Director of Hot Bikram Yoga

When searching for a personal trainer you need an individual that you can trust, rely on and hundred percent believe will get the best out of you . These are the qualities I have found in Louis. I started training with Louis just over 2 years ago. My primary goal was weight loss.

As a team I have achieved a gradual weight loss over 19 months and this is largely due to Louis's perfect combination of diverse training methods, changing psychology around food, individualized exercise programs & challenging yet achievable goal . His professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to his work and ultimately his clients, provides the perfect scenario for success and foundations for a new healthier lifestyle!

Mina, North London