Alan Gordon Personal Training

Alan Gordon Personal Training

Oxfordshire personal trainer Alan Gordon MSc. BSc.(Hons 1st) is an advanced expert in Exercise, Injury and Nutrition. He is something called a Biomechanist of which there are only 23 in the entire UK, and they are refined human movement and motion analysts. Such is the level of Alan's expertise that to date; he's been retained to assess 1,568 personal trainers since 2002 and he also has a First Class Honours Degree in Nutrition. Alan's working zone is Oxfordshire and its borders.

Alan Gordon personal training qualifications

Alan Gordon is a highly educated personal trainer. This qualifications include:

  • Masters Degree Biomechanics & Applied Human Movement.
  • First Class Honours Degree Sports Nutrition.
  • Advanced Diploma Clinical Sports Therapy.
  • Advanced Diploma Clinical Stress Management

Accredited bodies

  • British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences
  • Clinical Exercise Physiology Association
  • Gait and Clinical Movement Analysis Society

Alan Gordon personal training experience

He has 46 years of professional experience and due to his in-depth knowledge of Exercise and Injury Biomechanics, he produces exercise & fitness/injury recovery and weight loss/management programs that are specifically designed for only the body concerned and literally... nobody else's anywhere. This is a unique service which due to its great precision and safety, unconditionally guarantees that no physical setbacks or injury can take place.

Although his Biomechanics knowledge renders him able to expertly address any client goal or target, Alan's specialist fields are Ladies Exercise, Injury and Nutrition, Over 50s Exercise, Injury and Nutrition, and Weight Loss/Management. Age and gender are irrelevant too, as Alan youngest client at present is an 11 year old windsurfer and his oldest an 83 year old lady who hill walks, and frankly, could leave many people a good 15 year younger, standing! He presently has 5 GPs as exercise clients, so his reliability must be very solid.

Alan Gordon personal training at home

Due to Alan's very advanced expertise in Exercise and Injury Biomechanics, gyms and health clubs aren't necessary at all. You can achieve your success perfectly well, right there in the complete privacy of your own home, as do virtually all of Alan's present clients.

Alan Gordon personal training client testimonals

I have worked with Alan Gordon in the clinical management of patients with orthopaedic and sports related injuries. 

He is a highly knowledgeable professional, very skilled and adept in many aspects of training - including rehabilitation after Injury, Nutrition and Exercise Biomechanics.

Patients have always found Alan's close attention to detail, his depth of knowledge and caring / encouraging attitude highly reassuring. He has helped a great many people with complex injuries and problems, regain their confidence and maximum physical function.

Professor Sallie Lamb, D Phil (Oxon), MSc, MCSP, SRP Oxford University Kadoorie Professor of Trauma Rehabilitation. Warwick University Professor of Rehabilitation.

Alan Gordon has been my trainer for 8 months. 

Before moving from London I had 6 different personal trainers over a period of two and a half years, so I really do have a very good idea of the quality and level of what is on offer in this area. I also know perfectly well that I am a well-informed and very demanding client who is difficult to please.

Apart from his superior qualifications and extensive years of experience, his knowledge of human mechanics, nutrition and exercise methods are also really outstanding and my results under his guidance have finally been the excellent ones I'd been trying to achieve for a long time, but always failed.

I can honestly say, that despite all being qualified, my London trainers were proverbially, 'not in the same league' and I would strongly recommend anyone who is looking for a 'for real' all round expert Personal Trainer, to retain his services.

Sarah Nagle

Dianna asking me would I provide some comment for Alan's testimonials section, was definitely a no probs yes answer, as working with him has exploded my whole grasp of what my previous experience of personal training, led me to believe was specialised.

Awesome is definitely a word I very rarely use, but Alan's levels of knowledge and skills, especially in body movement and analysing someone's biomechanics, are nothing less than that. He's produced exercise design and a physical way forward for me, that's based on how only my body moves and reacts, and no other woman's. Like Sarah Nagle in these testimonials, I lived in London too ( Marelybone High Street) for a good many years and worked with a good few personal trainers , but moving to Oxford and receiving guidance and advice from Alan was a big wake up call as to what an expert is.

I'm pleased as punch that my results have been even better than I expected and as my exercise is completely tuned to my bod alone, its given me buckets of confidence. It's almost a totally different process to what I previously had but then I'd never before met a personal trainer with Alan's skills at spotting, analysing and addressing all my bodily highs and lows.

The Biomechanics testing he does is obviously very technical, but my test results that he's worked into the exercises he gives me, including the sequences in which he asks me to do them, couldn't be easier to understand. So I'm seriously recommending him here and would definitely bet big time that like I used to be, certain that I knew what real deal personal training was, there's probably a hefty load of people out there, who think exactly the same. But in practice, get nothing anywhere near this seriously smart pro level.

Judith Dawson